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Atypical Mole Screening and Removal
Moles are skin growths and are formed when melanocytes, pigmented skin cells, grow in clusters. Some moles we have at birth, while others can develop over time. The fact that a mole is new does not necessarily mean it's dangerous, but new moles should be brought up to your dermatologist. Similarly, just because a mole has been there for as long as you can remember, does not mean it is necessarily "safe", or never going to evolve into a cancerous lesion. Most of us have between 10 and 50 moles on our bodies, ranging in size, color, and shape. One out of every ten people has an atypical mole. These moles tend to look different from all of your other moles, and should be inspected by a Dermatologist. Some abnormal moles are dysplastic nevi, a type of mole that can tum into melanoma, the most dangerous type of skin cancer, and should be removed. Our ftrst choice is to "screen", or observe atypical moles that do not appear concerning to our dermatologists.

Most moles are benign skin lesions, and do not need to be removed. Other moles may be cancerous or precancerous and our skilled surgeon at Comprehensive Dermatology and Facial Plastic Surgery can help with diagnosis and removal. Abnormal moles (Dysplastic or Atypical Melanocytic Nevus) are classifted by severity, into three categories: mild, moderate, and severe.

Surgical Excision of Atypical Moles
Atypical moles may require surgical excision, or removal. Your dermatologist will most likely be able to perform any type of removal you may require. Removal is a simple in-office procedure, with only local anesthesia used. Excision of an abnormal mole will include the mole and a thin layer of tissue around it, which will be sent for evaluation to a lab, to sure all dangerous tissue has been removed. An appointment for surgical excision usually lasts under an hour, and allows most patients to return to normal activity immediately. Our Physicians regularly perform these types of surgeries, and are skilled at providing great cosmetic and medical results.